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Stacy L. Knight

Professional Photographer & Multi-Media Artist

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I am from New Hampshire originally. Although I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and live amoung many different cultures, I have found my true 'home' to be in a state of imagination - a daydream, if you will. Where I live anything is a possibility!

Music is the soul of my 'human' being.

Music is the foundation of ALL that is in my world.

Music inspires me. Music comforts me. Music resurrects me.

I found my attraction to the art of creativity as a child, inspired by, listening, dancing and singing to music. The reflection of this inspiration, today, is in that of which I draw, paint or write. Photography started for me with my first film camera and learning to develop film at a neigbors home in August of 1988 - I was 13 years old.

I believe, truly BELIEVE, that there is a unique creative talent within each of us. How can we not? We all come from 'creation' itself, no matter the foundation of our beliefs. It is only the rhythm of the society of which we live that does not flow with the beat of our own hearts.

We all have the need to do something that amazes and inspires others. We MUST make the time and save good energy to discover the 'source' of our inspiration in order to reveal our creative nature; as it is different for each of us. I have realized the purpose of my journey is to be the liason between mankind and his soul. A resource to help others find the inspiration for creation . . . #creator #makesomething #highvibetribe #newearthenergy

Experience . . .

Freelance Photographer

2011-present, HeArtist Wild Photography & other heArtsy things

Multi-Media Artist

2007 -Present, HeArtist Wild Photography & other heArtsy things

Specialties . . .

Portraits (all ages and group or family sizes)

Sports, Events & Wedding Photography

Landscape & Nature Photography

Visual Artist Colored Pencil Medium

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